International Marketing Communication Center (IMCC)

Gateway to New Possibilities

The Faculty of Communication Arts at Kasem Bundit University (KBU) is tasked with the oversight of the IMCC. As a means of expanding research in the field of international marketing communications, particularly in terms of global emerging markets in the Middle Eastern, Central Asia and African nations, the International Marketing Communication Center (IMCC) was founded.

This was done in order to allow for the expansion of business concerns in those markets by Thai entrepreneurs. Accordingly, it is our desire to create even more opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs in predictable and realistic ways. Further, it is our objective to share expertise concerning business and marketing best practices with colleagues and collaborators globally, from the public as well as private sectors.

1) Vision:

(1) To be an expert in International Marketing Communication Research

(2) To be a connecting point which connects Thai entrepreneurs to World emerging markets

2) Objective:

(1) To provide knowledge about International Marketing  to Thai entrepreneurs

(2) To create a platform to connect Thai entrepreneurs to International Markets

(3) To enhance Thai SME’s capacity in an International level

(4) To accelerate Thai economy by increasing export rate

(5) To be a high qualified research agency  in the context of  International Marketing research in the field of new emerging markets

3) Mission:

(1) Provide knowledge about International Marketing  to Thai entrepreneurs

(2) Select high quality Thai products to be presented to International Markets

(3) Find potential public and private organizations as potential business partners to connect

 with Thai companies

(4) Exchange practical business knowledge with partners from  public and private organizations

(5)  Conduct research in the field of International Marketing between Thailand and other countries

4) Organizational Chart:

Director: Assist.Prof. Suthep Dechacheep (Ph.d.)

Deputy Director: Alhuda Chanitphattana (Ph.d.)

R & D Director: Assist. Prof. Tortrakool Ubolwatra (Ph.d.)

Accounting Manager: Ajarn  Punyarat Wathong

Creative Activity Manager: Ajarn Manaskarn Insang

Art Director : Ajarn Borilux Boonyarattapan

5) Target Destinations:

  1. 1. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  2. 2. Sultanate of Oman
  3. 3. Kingdom of Bahrain
  4. 4. Saudi Arabia
  5. 5. Central Asian & African Countries

6) Previous Projects:

Seminar : สร้าง Connection กับนักธุรกิจไทย – ดูไบ เริ่มต้นอย่างไร?” (2018)

Business Trip : Business Networking Thai – Dubai 2019

Business Trip : Business Networking Bahrain – Oman 2019

Seminar : ราชอาณาจักรบาห์เรน…โอกาสใหม่ของคนไทยในตะวันออกกลาง (2019)

Seminar : Expo 2020 Dubai…and Investment Opportunity of Thai Businesses in UAE (2021)

Business Trip : Business Matching Thai – UAE 2022 022022022022022022

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7) Contact us :

Address : International Marketing Communication Center (IMCC)

60 Kasem Bundit University Romkloa Road Minburi Bangkok, 10510


Email : and

Tel.: +6682 663 0243

Facebook : IMCC Kasem Bundit